How Not To Take Things Personally

loveI’ve long had a theory that 80% of what comes out of people’s mouths is about themselves. I’ve since revised it to 90%. As I get older I may up it to 100%. (more…)

What is it about us and our hair?

imagesW3F5KLO5A scary thing happened on the weekend. My children discovered a box with all my old photo albums in it. It was scary because I wasn’t sure if it was completely appropriate for them to see shots of me smoking and drinking and dancing on tables and kissing boys and, well, I probably should stop right there. It was also scary because I was forced to revisit all the different haircuts I used to have. (more…)

Is Facebook Making You Depressed?

FacebookMost of the time, Facebook is my friend. It keeps me up to date with the minutia of my loved ones’ lives, it helps me get my business message out, and it saves me a tonne on phone calls I would otherwise be making to inform my friends and family of the latest broken limb or meat tray win. But there are other times when Facebook plays a darker role. (more…)

How to Achieve Your 2014 Goals: Step 1.

Home GymHave you made big plans for 2014 yet done absolutely nothing towards executing them?

It seems like just about everyone, come January 1st, makes optimistic, grandiose lists of things they want to achieve for the year ahead. And god knows we mothers do exactly the same thing come the end of January when our children are soon to be back at pre-school or school. So, I challenge you – now that we’re in our second week of term here in Australia, have you taken the first step towards doing that thing that you said you were going to do? Because I sure as hell haven’t. (more…)

Zen and the Art of Keeping Your Sanity

Zen motherThe other day I watched a mother walking past a park with her preschooler. I could tell that this was no idle stroll – she was going somewhere. She was walking with purpose and that purpose in no way involved this unfortunately located park. But of course, her little one had other ideas. He raced away from her and began to climb. I noticed her body language. Her shoulders drooped, her head sagged and I could almost hear the heavy sigh of resignation from where I stood. I knew exactly how she felt. I had felt like that about a hundred times a day when my kids were young and I was a full time stay-at -home mother. (more…)

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

comparison[1]Comparison is the thief of joy.

What this statement means to us as mothers is that the more we view our lives as a percentage of someone else’s, the less happy we will be.

It starts as soon as we become pregnant. We worry, are we putting on more weight than Kim Kardashian or less weight than Victoria Beckham? Is our burgeoning bump too big or too small? Are our maternity clothes as stylish as Nina’s on ‘Offspring’? Is our morning sickness worse than Princess Kate’s? (more…)

Judge Not

compassion[1]There was a horrifying story in the media recently which completely polarized people’s opinions.

On what started as a normal working day, a father left home to drop his young child off at day-care on his way to work. He strapped his little one into the car seat and drove away. He went to work, spent the day doing what he usually did, and then returned to the childcare centre to collect his child. He was met with a blank stare. His child had not been dropped off that morning. (more…)

Are you a good role model for your kids?

Role model“I really don’t see the point in going on to university and having a career, Mum. Can’t I just get married and stay at home like you?”

Thankfully, this sentence did not come from my own daughter, but they were the very real musings of the daughter of a friend of mine.

My friend had done what she fully believed to be the ‘right’ things as far as mothering went. She’d made the choice to stay at home with her three children while they were little, becoming a full time mum; she made sure that she was not overprotective, but rather was calm, relaxed and happy in her role, and generally let her kids have the same sort of upbringing that she herself had in the 70’s.

It all seemed to be going swimmingly until her 15 year old daughter dropped that clanger. (more…)

Lou Reed – You Will Not Be Forgotten

Lou Reed TransformerThe death of Lou Reed has caused quite a stir in my psyche, and his music has once again permeated my world. Today, while doing a bit of frock shopping in Fitzroy, it felt like every store I went into was reverently playing either Lou Reed or the Velvet Underground.

The memories that this music invoked in me have hit like a tonne of bricks and caused me to reflect wistfully on one of the more significant relationships of my past. (more…)

Thank God My Kids Aren’t Fat Like Their Mother Was

kids-on-scales-420x290[1]Last night, as I was driving my 9 year old home from a play date, she said to me with much concern, ‘Mum, I think we might be eating too much at home. Nobody else is allowed as much afternoon tea as we are. Some people can only have one thing!’ I’m pretty sure I was being accused of being an over-indulgent mother. (more…)

My youngest had just started school and I knew I wanted to work again, but I felt lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do after all those years as a stay at home mum.
Gabrielle helped me understand what I thrive at, and it became clear to me what I did and didn’t want to do, going forward.
I felt understood and seen as a whole person. Thank you.

Elise, 42

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