About Gabrielle

“As a coach, my aim is to help make a positive difference to the lives of mothers who find themselves at a crossroad; one between their old pre-baby selves, and their new lives as mothers. I am eager to help you discover who the new ‘you’ is, and together forge a path towards making your hopes and aspirations become your reality.”

Gabrielle Dunnmoore



Bachelor of Arts (Communications)
Graduate Diploma Psychology
Certificate IV Careers and Life Coaching

Gabrielle Dunnmoore passionately believes that every single one of us has a life purpose, and that when that purpose is expressed authentically, it is possible to achieve a life of balance, freedom and optimum fulfilment.

For 15 years, Gabrielle enjoyed a dynamic career as a freelancer in the Australian Film and Television Industry. She was completely engaged in her work, constantly challenged and above all stimulated by her intensely creative work environment. However, once she became a mother, she discovered that her much loved career did not fit her new life. This realisation set her on a quest to reinvent herself.

A fascination with human behaviour led her to study psychology, and it was then, from her experience talking to hundreds of women about their struggles to find new career paths as mothers, that she formulated the plan to become a life coach. She did further study, and then started her business, After motherhood, what? Now she can, in turn, help other women to find their unique purpose.

As the mother of three school age daughters, Gabrielle understands the specific parameters that having children brings to bear on a woman seeking a new work-life direction. She understands that we are no longer willing and/or able to work long hours, or travel interstate, or spend precious time commuting to and from work. We don’t want to do just any old job, but rather find work that inspires us; something that is fulfilling yet does not compromise our other, all important role, as mothers.

It is this insight that makes Gabrielle a unique coach. She has lived through her own successful transformation, finding her life purpose as a life coach for mothers, and is now proudly able to help them achieve the same level of satisfaction that she has found.

My youngest had just started school and I knew I wanted to work again, but I felt lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do after all those years as a stay at home mum.
Gabrielle helped me understand what I thrive at, and it became clear to me what I did and didn’t want to do, going forward.
I felt understood and seen as a whole person. Thank you.

Elise, 42

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